Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Family Tradition

Boys and their sports teams... Most guys have some opinion about which sports teams they like to follow. My boys... from my husband down the littlest guy... follow the Texas Rangers during baseball season, the Dallas Stars during hockey season, the Dallas Mavericks during basketball season, and yes... America's team... the Dallas Cowboys during football season. (Are you seeing the trend here...) When I saw the baby Aikman jersey at the second hand store on fill-a-basket day, I had to have it. We even have a size 2 Cowboys uniform that I picked up at a yard sale way before my youngest son was born, back when I was "done" having kids! We had a little girl that it would fit, so she wore it! Well, here it is Cowboys season... so here are my guys... most of them anyway... in their game day gear...

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