Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mommy's shrunken brain...

I did my research. Okay, I did about a 5 minute google search and then relied on self experience. It is has to be true. What else would explain this "mommy brain", also known as "pregnancy brain" or "baby brain". Since giving birth to my now 3 month old son...well, really, it was even before I gave birth... my brain has been complete mush. I think that anyone who has children can testify, that scientific research or no, something serious happens to our cognitive, (wow, big word for a mommy brain), abilities. I cant remember where I put the camera, I cant remember where I last saw the remote control, I have a hard time remembering a LOT of things. Even in my dreams I go through the motions of trying to do simple tasks with much difficulty. For example... last night I dreamed that I came upstairs to get some clothing for the baby and try as I might I could not get the outfit and the socks in hand at the same time to take back downstairs to dress my child. I would find the outfit and then in searching for the socks I would lay down the outfit and forget where I laid it, the process would repeat over and over again until I had both items but I also would have a stuffed animal or something else that was not needed for the task at hand and so I would try and lay that down and would drop one of the required items!! SO frustrating, no wonder I dont get good sleep! I cant tell you how many times I have gone upstairs to get something, only to be distracted by something else, and end up going downstairs without the intended item and having to go back up the stairs again to get said item. Sometimes this scenario repeats itself many times over before I actually succeed. I found two articles that related to this subject and I will place the links for them at the bottom. The first link actually has the 60 page research paper in pdf format in a link on that page, but my mommy brain didnt want to go so far as to read the whole thing...feel free to do so! So please if you ever encounter me and I have forgotten your name (yes it has happened to me several times recently, no recollection of this person who is talking to me face to face), please forgive me and my shrunken brain...I cant wait until it is back to full size!

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